The Evil Within 2: Talks with Old Director and New Director

The Evil Within 2

IGN recently had a conversation with The Evil Within 2s director John Johanas and original director of the first game as well as Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami.

Here are some interesting tid bits about the interview. You can read it all at the source link below.



IGN asked Mikami how involved he was in the production of The Evil Within 2 with him answering :

“I’ve been managing the studio as a whole. To be honest, it was time for the younger talent to do their thing”

When asked about if the horror gameplay involving not being able to kill the bad guy was in the game, Johanas answered:

“I think that type of pure horror gameplay is definitely compelling and I tend to enjoy it as well, but it can get a little overbearing if it goes on too long. Not to give away too much, but just like the original, there are some times where you have to run and hide rather than fight, but for the most part The Evil Within 2 puts you in situations where, if you are prepared correctly, you can take on the enemies.”

We may have some piece of mind when Johanas answered the question whether the game will have the 2.5:1 aspect ratio the first game had (which required file manipulation to get rid of on the pc version):

We understand that it wasn’t something well received, even if internally we liked the direction. This time the game is played in standard format.

When asked if The Evil WIthin 2 was still considered a Shinji Mikami game, he answered:

“You will see my influence here and there. It was a team effort, with John at the helm and me there supervising.”




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