Super Mario Odyssey Not Suitable For Children Under 10

Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is now a proud owner of guns, tobacco, and dirty magazines in the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey and is receiving a E10+ rating because of it.

/End sarcasm

Super Mario Odyssey – Written by Homer

This is just news because it is the first mainline Mario game to not be suitable for absolutely everyone of all ages leaving gamers wondering what this means for the Italian plumber. Whatever Nintendo has put into the game to bring it to an E10+ still remains a mystery, as no further information has been made available at this point in time. However, the Australian game classification lists that there are mild violence and themes in the game, driving its PG rating in the region.

A good explanation could be the setting the game takes place in. New Donk City features a more realistic setting than your typical mushroom kingdom including real life people and cars. Perhaps its the spooky looking dinosaur featured in the trailers or the champagne that Bowser sips from that gives it an alcohol reference that gave it a rating not suitable for everyone.

Note that Mario spin-off titles have received a E10+ rating but the classics such as Super Mario World/Sunshine/Galaxy have beein suitable for everyone in the past. Super Mario Galaxy is released on October 27th for the Nintendo Switch.





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