Resident Evil 7 Sales Underperformed

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 has sold a total of 3.7 million copies since its release. Capcom expected to sell 4 million by the end of March. How did it stack against previous games? Lets find out.

Capcom expected to sell 4 million copies before the end of March for the latest in the RE franchise. It is now the end of July and it still has not reached its goal. Capcom still expects this game to sell an additional 2 million this fiscal year and a total of 10 million within its lifetime. Did it at least sell well compared to RE 5 and 6?

Resident Evil 7 sales

3.7 million in sales

Resident Evil 6 sales

8 million in sales (6.8 million + 1.1 million from HD sales)

Resident Evil 5 sales

 9.5 million (7.2 million + 2.3 million Gold)/ HD sales most likely push it to 10+ million


Quarterly Year Sales?

RE 5 = over 5 million sales over 3 months

RE 6 = 5.2 million sales over 6 months

RE 7 = 3.7 million sales over 6 months


Even though Capcom wants an additional 2 million sales by March of next year, the game only sold an addition 200k April-June.

The sales are good but not good enough for Capcom’s standards. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to figuring out what the future is like for a Resident Evil title.



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