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Playstation VR

Noob Talk: Playstation VR at E3 2017

As the only person among my friends that has purchased PSVR, I am curious to see what Sony has up their sleeve in regards to content. VR is an experience that cannot be explained properly. It needs to be experienced to understand what people mean they say, “It feels like you’re there”. Sony recently released the VR aim peripheral bundled with Farpoint. It is expected to support future first party titles with a couple third party titles already announced to have support for the device.


Noob Talk: Dino Crisis 4/Reboot

It’s been way too long my friend. WAY TOO LONG. It’s been 14 years since that abomination that was Dino Crisis 3 and 17 years since the amazing Dino Crisis 2. What the latter did to establish itself as its own franchise to the first Dino Crisis, which was deemed a Resident Evil “clone” is nothing short of incredible. Read more …