Noob Talk: Dino Crisis 4/Reboot


It’s been way too long my friend. WAY TOO LONG. It’s been 14 years since that abomination that was Dino Crisis 3 and 17 years since the amazing Dino Crisis 2. What the latter did to establish itself as its own franchise to the first Dino Crisis, which was deemed a Resident Evil “clone” is nothing short of incredible.

Now lets talk about how Dino Crisis got in its current state. DC2 went the way of resident evil 4 if we were to make a direct resident evil comparison while DC1 was Resident Evil 0-3 + Code Veronica + the great spin offs that shared the same game mechanics. Whichever you like more, we can both agree that the games themselves are fun to play. Dino Crisis 3 attempted to copy the same formula as DC2 the same way RE5 attempted to copy RE4. Strike 1: Dino Crisis story. Instead of continuing where the last game ended or a continuation of the characters/story that was built from DC2, Capcom went with a 300 years in the future we find a lost spaceship story. Regina was introduced in DC1 and again we saw her in DC2. The ending gave her an opening for future appearances whether to go back for her teammate or save the world from the inevitable future(spoiler). Ditching her was a bad call. Strike 2: Enemy Variation. 3 non boss enemies are found throughout the game. I do not recall how many varieties of Dinos there were in DC1 but lets not forget this was a resident evil clone so a pass is allowed here. DC2 had different dinosaurs for different areas. I remember being excited every time I went to a new area hoping for something new. The underwater map, jungle area, and laboratories did not disappoint. Strike 3: It stopped there. No sequels were produced after DC3 to fix this error. I would assume the poor sales/poor reception contributed to this but Dino Crisis did not deserve this death.

There have been talks about DC4 for a few years now with Capcom producers pitching in their thoughts about remastering old IPs. With Mega Man and Resident Evil already getting HD remaster treatments for current gen platforms, it seems inevitable for other classic titles to do the same. Dragons Dogma even got a PC release giving it that 60fps and 4k look.

Someone tell Capcom I want to throw my wallet at the screen this upcoming week.


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