MK Review: The Evil Within

The Evil Within

As one who is always looking for that next psychological trip whether it be the shrooms, acid, or DMT, I found myself here at The Evil Within

The Evil Within is its own entity.  It is classified in the “Horror” genre, but it is more psychological than anything.  Don’t expect your typical “jump scares” instead expect a demented journey into the main character Sebastian’s mind.

In the beginning, it feels basic with its gaming mechanics but the further you progress in the game the further you find yourself slipping down into its rabbit hole.  As soon as you think you have your head wrapped around the story the ever so constant changes bring you back to the drawing board whether it be due to narrative twists, environmental changes or flashbacks leaving you in a state where you never really seem to know exactly where you are except your aware its a fucked up place to be in.

Therefore if your looking for a game that makes you feel like your having that bad acid or dmt trip that you never wanted yet also needed to have to wake you up then this is the game you want to do it.  MK approved.



The Evil Within 2 – Coming off the ever so long psychological trip that the first one took us on, I am thankfully left hungover, but only wanting more! (Not something you any of us find ourselves saying very often). I expect upgrades in gaming mechanics of course, but most of all I’m left looking to continue where the first one left us off (no spoilers, I know!), but let’s just say Im stoked for another self sabotaged drop off into madness.  If the story sticks to its roots, which by the previews shown recently I believe it will, we are simply going to “Enter The Void” so to speak once again on Friday the 13th this October!

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