Lords Of The Fallen 2 May Have Stumbled

Lords Of The Fallen 2 was originally set to be released this year but it looks as though it may not happen at all.

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Tomasz Gop, the director of the game, was sacked from production. He had this to say about the situation:

“I was let go because of a reduction in team, in scope, in budget, in business approach. Almost two years I’ve been working on the sequel and I have not seen it leave the concept/vision stage. I was working on something I was really 100 per cent into and we were not producing the game.”

One thing that may have added to its demise was the shortcomings of the studios last big game Sniper Ghost Warrior 3.

“There came a time when Sniper [Ghost Warrior 3] was the most important thing for CI, the next big hit. It also might have been the reason why Lords was not progressing as fast. Of course it’s not uncommon knowledge that [SGW3] didn’t go exactly according to plan, especially if it goes for sales. And here we are.”

Hope you weren’t expecting to play this game anytime soon. Yikes



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