Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Episode 1 Review

Life is Strange Before the Storm

So Square Enix has finally released the first episode to the second season of their title Life Is Strange. The first season followed the story of a young high school girl named Max who finds herself hiding in a bathroom stall and ultimately, watches her childhood friend Cloe be killed. This second installment acts more like a prelude to the original story. In this game, the player finds themselves playing as Cloe price, a 16-year old punk rockin’, insult throwing, ass kickin’ chick from Arcadia Bay. After the death of her father (portrayed in Season One) Cloe finds comfort in rebellion against her mother Joyce and (soon to be) step-father David. Now of course there are a bunch of things that I could tell you about the first episode, but for those who want to actually play the game i’ll divert from giving any spoilers. The overall idea behind Before The Storm is viewing life in Arcadia Bay through the eyes of Cloe before Max returned to Arcadia Bay from Seattle. For those who are like me and love to collect trophies from games, you’ll be happy to know that these titles are very easy to collect trophies. In the first game players would earn trophies by taking optional pictures of scenic moments highlighted throughout Max’s journey; trophies would also be collected after completion of each episode. The same concept applies in the second installment, except rather than taking pictures Cloe will make graffiti art on key items. Lastly I want to say, this isn’t an action based game. I have to warn you, do not expect a lot of crazy things to happen within the story. The most memorable thing about this series is how well the game tells a story. Every action poses a different consequence and will ultimately mold the progression of the story. But the story is very well-made and I would encourage anyone who is looking for something with a well story to give this game a shot! I Will keeping up with this game, and once the second episode is released I will be sure to do a video and prepare a full detailed review for the second episode!


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