Eve: Valkyrie Removes VR Requirements

Eve: Valkyrie Warzone

Eve Valkyrie will have a huge changes on September 26 as part of a major expansion that will include the removal of a VR headset to play.

VR vs Human Eyes

Next month will see new ships, maps and the ability to play without a VR headset. Named EVE: Valkyrie Warzone, the DLC will be coming for free to all EVE: Valkyrie owners on Sept. 26. Since its launch, Eve: Valkyrie needed an HTC Vive or a PSVR in order to play. Once the update is released, anyone with a PC or PS4 will be able to fly through space, blasting away at enemy ships. New ships with an overhaul of progression system will play a distinctive role in battle and bring along some new weapons

“If you can play first-person shooters, you can pilot one of EVE: Valkyrie -Warzone’s amazing ships,” said Andrew Willans, the lead game designer at CCP’s Newcastle Studio, in a press statement. “Not having access to VR hardware will no longer hold gamers back from diving weapons-first into intense and highly competitive space combat with friends. We look forward to seeing the already intense competition between Valkyrie pilots going up a notch, as more players from around the world can join existing pilots for space-dogfighting battles.”



Warzone will be released for free to Valkyrie owners on September 26. Those who have not yet purchased the game will be able to pick up the updated version at a newly discounted price of $30/€30/£23.


is the removal of VR requirement good news or bad news?



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