Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Gets Release Date For XB1/PS4

dragons dogma

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will get released on modern consoles for the Xbox One and PS4 later this year. The game was originally released in 2012.

October 3 Release Date

This game will include all the additional content that came with the Dark Arisen re-release in 2013. The update provided an extra 15 hours of gameplay with additional tweaks and fine-tuning.

Mini-Noob review for Dragons Dogma: The game is an absolute must play for gamers. It is an ambitious action-RPG with an excellent combat system and a great sense of adventure.

Magic spells not only are powerful but look epic in scale. Climbing monsters are slashing them on their bare backs while trying to get rid of you is a feel good sensation, especially beasts that can fly. With an unexpected twist ending, the game is easily 30+ hours.


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