Call of Duty: WWII’s Multiplayer Revealed

Call of Duty WWII

After every iteration of the franchise moving deeper towards a sci-fi shooter, it’s nice to see things back grounded. Beginning with 2012s Black Ops II, the Call of Duty franchise abandoned its modern setting for a futuristic approach. Jetpacks and robots became common and while the idea seemed great at first, it overstayed its welcome.

Call of Duty is going BACK TO BASICS

Dice were the first to bring things back to the great World Wars with modern cutting edge graphics. Thanks to its massive multiplayer component, it was welcomed by the fanbase and it was only a matter of time before Call of Duty would follow. During E3, Activision showed off its multiplayer portion of the game and it’s exactly the way you would expect a Call of Duty title to be. It is fast paced battle of mayhem with very little time before you start getting kills.



All this without the need to fly around with jetpacks flying and dodging is a fresh breath of air for now. Will you be picking up this upcoming title?



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